video store system in java source code

video store system in java source code

video store system in java source code is a java project. In this project, you can use it in two different modules, that is, one as user and the other as system administrator. As a user, you can only reserve the movie and see its details. While as an administrator you can manage the entire theater. You can add and delete movie shows. In addition, you can add different theaters.


sistema de gestión de películas

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video store management in java with source code

The name explains quite the scenario of this management system project. That is the purpose of this project. The main task of this project is to store the students, as well as the teacher's record. You will provide the details of each section of the data fields. So that the system can store your precise information. Basically, there are three sections in this project, that is, they are the teachers, the students and a school administrator. In the teacher's section, you can only pass the details of the teacher. Here, you will have to provide your personal information and the details of your tutor. As if he / she is the principal or regular teacher as parameters. And in the student section, you must provide the details of the students. Here the main jobs are done by the administrator. You can add and delete the student and the teacher.

How do I run the project

First, open your IDE (download and install if you do not have any) Then import the project into the IDE. Then solve the dependencies of the jug. All are provided in the dist / lib folder. Also, run your XAMPP / WAMP server. go to localhost / phpmyadmin Then create a database called «uiuStudentRegistration». Then, import the database file and click on the «go» button on phpmyadmin. Now you are ready to go.

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