supermarket billing system project in

supermarket billing system project in

shopping mall billing system project in

supermarket billing system project in, this online booking system for hotel or billing system in c # and sql server includes hotel program in c #, hotel system c #, hotel system c #, free billing system, hotel reservation system.


This is a system called Hotel reservation and billing system programmed in C # (cSharp) with the MS Access database engine, the project was developed for the automation of a hotel which had the need to have this system, to the best control of your customers. As a collaborator of Platea21, I share this system very useful for those who carry out projects in C # programming languages ​​and who are interested in similar systems, it should be stressed that all criticism and / or input is well received by us, it is important to mention that this work is shared and published for improvement, complementation of other modules and as a guide for computer scientists of the same branch such as university projects, freelance programmers, etc. For the development of the Hotel Reservation and Billing System, we use the Visual Studio 2010 development package (64 bits) and as a MS Access 2013 database engine (64 bits), if no problems at the time of programming, debugging and execution, leaving the source code of the system for our visitors fully functional

System caracteristics:

– Guest Information – Guest List – Room information – Room monitoring – Discount Information – Room reservation – Room registration – List of Guest Bookings – User register
Account information: Username: admin Password: admin To consider:
– The database «database.accdb» is attached to the project route «hotel Reservation – Platea21binDebug» – For 64-bit operating systems, it is recommended to perform this step if, at the time of Compiling, the project throws them, it is next error. «The provider ‘MICROSOFT.ACE.OLEDB.12.0’ is not registered in the local computer.» They go to the Tab -> Project -> Properties-> and then in the Generate Bullet, make the next Change in the Platform Destination option to place ANY CPU.

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