star birds game in java source code

star birds game in java source code

star birds game in java source code. It has a nice graphical user interface for the game. This project consists of a lot of Java validation. All this game or the project uses Java and some Eclipse IDE components to make it look amazing. Play the game and enjoy it.
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All this project is done in Eclipse IDE. To run this project, you will need an Eclipse IDE. First, download this project and then extract it. Open your IDE and import this project. Also, before the project, keep in mind that you must have your JDK updated. Once you import your project, run the project. Warning, do not run jar files or compiled files. After running the project, you can see the game’s home screen. You can select the character you want to play with and also the location of your game. The total of six locations is available in this game. Not only this, but you can also see the stats of the characters. You can see the types of enemies you will face in this game. Arriving at the gameplay. Use the arrow keys for movement and the space bar to shoot the enemies. You get 100 CV when the game starts. You have to kill all the enemies to fight with the boss.

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