snake game in java source code free download

snake game in java source code free download

snake game in java source code free download is a simple Java application game. All this game is in 2D version. It is the replica of the old and classic snake game. To make this game you have to use the Eclipse IDE. In addition, this game is a good example of Java-based game codes. -To download the free bomber man game project (Scroll Down)
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About the system source code

All this project is done in Eclipse IDE. To run this project, you will need an Eclipse IDE. First, download this project and then extract it. Open your IDE and import this project. Also, before the project, keep in mind that you must have your JDK updated. Once you import your project, run the project. Warning, do not run jar files or compiled files. Then you can finally execute the project. Once you open the game, you can choose the game mode. Then, when you run the source code, you can see the game starting with two snakes advancing. Well, one is obviously the duplicate snake that you have to wait to kill yourself. Your snake is green. You have to move it using the keys a, w, s, d. This allows you to control the snake. The speed of the game is fast. If you want to modify this game, you can do it without any doubt. You can create different levels for this game.

How do I run the project

You will need the XAMP server or the WAMP server. Place the file inside «c: / wamp / www /» or «c: / xampp / htdocs /». Go to «localhost / phpmyadmin» in any browser and create a database (name according to the SQL file). In that database, import the SQL file and finally go to the URL: «http: // localhost / file_name / phpfilename» Do not forget to create a database and import an SQL file to execute.

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