simple paint program in java source code

simple paint program in java source code

simple paint program in java source code. This project helps in the drawing of paintings. In addition, this project requires Netbeans IDE to run. You can draw with the help of the brush tool available in the project. You can only draw things but unfortunately you can not save this. This is a runtime program,

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Dissecting a simple paint program in java

As already mentioned, this is a mini project. This project does not have all the characteristics of a drawing application. But this project will develop your coding skills. Speaking of the project, you have a main class file that you do not need to establish in your project. When you run the project, you can choose the different colors of the palette. In addition, you can select the size of the brush. Then you can draw your arts. With the help of this project, you will surely get the idea of ​​OOP and how to use them in projects.

How do I run the proyect

First, open your IDE (download and install if you do not have any) Then import the project into the IDE. Then solve the dependencies of the jug. All are provided in the dist / lib folder. Also, run your XAMPP / WAMP server. go to localhost / phpmyadmin Then create a database called «uiuStudentRegistration». Then, import the database file and click on the «go» button on phpmyadmin. Now you are ready to go.

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