sales and inventory system source code visual basic

sales and inventory system source code visual basic

sales and inventory system source code visual basic. The project is based on a management concept of agricultural tools and equipment. Speaking of the project, before entering the main menu, the user must go through the login system to get access. After logging into the system, he / she can manage the stock, return, add a new item, add customers, manage users and many more.

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sales and inventory system in visual basic, can manage transactions that included the lack of stock and returns of stocks, from stock, the user can see a list of products and added items that show the products with your name, id, price, description, quantity and return In stock, the user can find the identification of the transaction, add details of the supplier and save it. The user can also add agricultural tools and equipment from the Stock Master section, in which the user must provide the article identification, name, description, category, price and quantity. Another feature if this project is to add and list the customer details that include the customer identification, name, address and contact details.

To facilitate the administration of the system, it also has User Administration. Where the administrator can add new users for management. From the configuration, the user can manage categories and units of elements. The last feature of this system is the Report, which is an important part of each administration system to be able to see daily reports, reports of articles in stock, items sold, items and items returned. In this section, reports can also be filtered according to the date. Speaking of the GUI part, it is clean and simple so that the user does not encounter any difficulties while working.

The Inventory System of Agricultural Tools and Equipment project helps the user to easily manage inventory and agricultural tools. Due to the login function, it makes the system safe and secure. For data handling, MySQL is used as a database. This project is easy to operate and understood by users. To run this project, you must have Visual Studio IDE and XAMPP installed on your PC. The inventory system of agricultural tools and equipment in VB.NET can be downloaded for free with the source code. For the demonstration of the project, take a look at the slider of the image below.


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