point of sale system in python

point of sale system in python

point of sale system in python is written in Python. The project file contains a python script (Ticket_Resevation.py). This is a simple system based on a console that is very easy to use and understand. Speaking about the system, it contains a very basic function that includes the reservation and to verify the status of pnr. In this mini project, there is no sign-in function. This means that he / she can use all the available functions easily without any restriction.

In this simple system, he / she can view all reservation tickets easily. When booking tickets, the user must enter the number of tickets and their name, age and gender. The system requests a certain number of tickets depending on the number of tickets entered by the user. In this simple ticket booking system, the user can check the status of pnr. This simple console-based ticket reservation system provides one of the simplest ticket reservations. There is no database connection in this mini project to save the user’s data permanently and recover them.

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