php real time clock script

php real time clock script

clock in php example

php real time clock script or digital clock bootstrap o Time Tester PHP source code to verify the weather and report the website, it is light and easy to use and does not need a database that means you save your hosting price.
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Features code for digital clock in php

1. Current weather report 2. Receptive design 3. Friendly mobile 4. No SQL database 5. Clock and date 6. Advertising

steps to execute it

Step 1 load everything in the «load script» folder on your web hosting server using ftp / file manager Step 2 This script does not need any database, but complete your data in config, just go to the file «includes (folder) -> config.php» and edit from there Step 3 set advertising, just go to «includes (folder) ->» advertise.php «» and replace the html ad code there,

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