online survey system project in php

online survey system project in php

online survey system project in php will reduce the huge work done by teachers, administrators and also students. The response of the candidates will be verified automatically and instantaneously. Reduce paperwork

The result will be shown immediately that will reduce the student’s anxiety.
It can be used anywhere at any time since it is a web-based application. Useful for teachers for exam management. It can be done at any time.

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Modules source code

  • The administrator can do the following:
  • Create, update, delete questions
  • Create, update, delete, activate-deactivate exam
  • See the result of the test
  • The smart online review system is a web-based application. The system is adapted to the need of educational institutions, primary and secondary schools, colleges, universities and training academies. The aim of the system is to reduce the costs associated with exams and to achieve total automation of the tasks related to the exam system, such as the registration and publication of results, which leads to a high degree of system efficiency.
  • Do not forget to give credit to the original developer because I really worked hard to develop this project and, please, do not forget to like it and share it if you found it useful 🙂

How do I run the project

You will need the XAMP server or the WAMP server. Place the file inside «c: / wamp / www /» or «c: / xampp / htdocs /». Go to «localhost / phpmyadmin» in any browser and create a database (name according to the SQL file). In that database, import the SQL file and finally go to the URL: «http: // localhost / file_name / phpfilename»


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