movie rental management system in python

movie rental management system in python

movie rental management system in python. The project file contains Python scripts (,,,, etc.). This is a simple system based on a console that is very easy to use and understand. Speaking of the system, it contains basic functions that include a list of all rentals, DVD rental, DVD filter and DVD return. In this mini project, there is no such login system. This means that he / she can use all the available functions easily without any restriction. Each menu item contains a command and the user must enter the command to use it. After entering the commands for each item, he / she can see all the rentals. While renting a DVD, the user must enter the DVD identification and the customer’s name as a command code. DVD IDs can be recovered from dvd.txt. And the user can also return DVD by entering the DVD ID as a command code. In this simple movie rental shop management system, the user can also filter DVDs showing the existing DVDs with a respective identification number.
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        • Devolver DVDs
        • Alquilar DVDs
        • Listar alquileres
        • Filtrar DVDs

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