Marvel Role Playing Game in JavaScript

Marvel Role Playing Game in JavaScript

Marvel Role Playing Game in JavaScript is developed using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Speaking of the gameplay, it is a simple game in which the players assume roles of certain characters and the attacks are successful. At the beginning, the player must select any of the given characters. After selecting a character, the player has to fight against the remaining characters. Each of the characters has different strengths and health. Health is generated randomly for each of the characters, so there is no possibility of having the same health each time. After all the configuration, the player can attack his enemies, which reduces the health of the enemies, as well as the player. Since this is a role-playing game, the player has to wait for the turns to attack.

In total there are four Marvel characters. After defeating the first enemy, the player also has to defeat the two remaining characters to win the game. Each attack of the character causes a decrease in the health of the character that is also generated randomly. Speaking of the PC controls of this game, everything is simple. Everything is under a click of the mouse. This simple Marvel RPG is based on a Marvel movie, Captain America: Civil War. All game functions are configured from Javascript, while HTML and CSS are configured for the designs. For the development of this RPG, several images have been used.

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