lego iron man game in unity

lego iron man Game en unity

lego iron man game in unity is developed using Unity Game Engine. The language used for the development of this project is «C #». The project file contains assets such as C # scripts, prefabs, textures, scenes, models and many more. LEGO Iron Man is a 3D action game that focuses especially on PC platforms. The game Graphics is good enough for a PC and the controls are simple for users.
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Speaking of the gameplay, LEGO Iron Man Game is about fighting and destroying enemies to earn points. In this game, the player (iron man) has to fight against enemies within a certain road area. A health bar is provided that shows the player’s life. The game takes place on a busy street, cars and trucks are still moving. If the player touches or crashes with trucks and cars, the game ends. The enemies attack and follow the player wherever they move. This means that the enemies come at random, there is no stopping. In short, this is an endless action game until the player dies. The player can attack enemies through lasers. The PC controls are [W, A, S, D Keys for movement and right click to shoot lasers].

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