java netbeans school management system

java netbeans school management system

java netbeans academic system or management training and placement is a project based on the company that provides students with internships and work practices. Here, in this project, you will have to create your own company that provides training and placement to students. The entire project is designed in Netbeans and JavaFX and SQLite as the back-end database.


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Modules school management system java project

  • Adding company
  • Adding student
  • Add training company
  • Syncing your updates online
  • Training schedule
  • Backup of the database

school management system project java source code

As for the details about this project, this system basically performs the task of evaluating the property according to its market rate. Suppose you are buying an apartment anywhere in the city. Then you may not be able to calculate all the taxes and the area rate on your own. Here for this kind of problems this software helps you a lot. You can only do what you want to find the rate of anything. This system comes in two parts, one as Supervisor and the other as the Enumerator. The supervisor does all the main tasks of finding the profitable rate of anything. He / She can perform the CRUD operation. On the other hand, the Enumerator does the evaluation of the system.

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