hospital management system in c++ source code

hospital management system in c++ source code

hospital management system in c++ source code is based on a concept of registering records of normal and critically ill patients of different categories. In this system, there are no logon features. The user can easily select several types of clinics where he can register a patient, take him to the doctor and see the total list of patients.

This mini project contains limited features, but the essential one. Speaking of the characteristics of the Hospital Management System, in total there are four departments. It is the General Clinic, the Heart Clinic, the Lung Clinic and Plastic Surgery. At the beginning, the user has to select his department to proceed.

Each of the departments contains essential characteristics required for a hospital, such as adding normal and critically ill patients, taking the patient to the doctor and displaying the patient’s complete list of details. To add a normal and critically ill patient, you must enter the name, sex, age, blood group and the patient’s contact information. Patients can be taken to the doctor for this, the user only has to select the patient. It also removes the patient’s details from the list.

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Modules source code

  • Plastic surgery
  • General clinic
  • Heart clinic
  • Lung clinic
  • Add normal / critical patient
  • Take the patient to the doctor.
  • Show patient details

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