horse racing game javascript source code

horse racing game javascript source code

horse racing game javascript source code, this is like a simple javascript project. This game is full of fun and joy to play. This is a simple animal racing game. The user will find this game quite easy to play and have fun with it. Here, the game consists of betting on the horse that you think will win the game.
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how to run the source code

First, download the project and extract it. When you have finished extracting the folder, you can now open the index file to play the game. When you run the game, you will see the options on your screen to place a bet on the horse. You will obtain 100 credits at the beginning to make the bet. Select the color of the horse on which you want to place the bet. In addition, you can select the number of laps you want for the game. To run this game you will need a browser installed on your system. Download and open this project in your code editor. Then there is an index.html file that you can modify. Run that file at the command prompt or you can run the index file directly. Use Google Chrome or FireFox for a better user experience. This game consists of many JavaScript validations. This game is fun and even fun if you can modify it with a bit of CSS.

In general, this project uses many javascript and javascript libraries. If you can add some more levels with different color options, you can surely improve your javascript skills with your libraries. This game in Javascript with source code is free to download. Use only for educational purposes.

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