enrollment system php mysql source code

enrollment system php mysql source code

enrollment system php mysql source code or School Management project is developed using PHP, CSS, HTML and JavaScript. with characteristics of management of school subjects and teaching teachers. This project contains only the administrator’s side where he / she can add, edit, delete, view, search for subjects and their respective teachers for the system. The administrator plays the main role in the management of the system.
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About the system source code

The system is simple and quite easy to use. The basic foundation of this system is to manage the subjects and the years of the school. Here the years refer to the classes of subjects. The administrator can add and delete the topics. He can create masters for relative matter. Each year a subject must be assigned. In addition, the administrator can enroll students as well. To run this project, you must have installed a virtual server, that is, XAMPP on your PC (for Windows). This administration system in PHP with source code can be downloaded for free, use it for educational purposes only! For the demonstration of the project, take a look at the slider of the image below.

How do I run the project

You will need the XAMP server or the WAMP server. Place the file inside «c: / wamp / www /» or «c: / xampp / htdocs /». Go to «localhost / phpmyadmin» in any browser and create a database (name according to the SQL file). In that database, import the SQL file and finally go to the URL: «http: // localhost / file_name / phpfilename» Do not forget to create a database and import an SQL file to execute.

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