employee management system source code in vb net

employee management system source code in vb net

employee management system source code in vb net or program to calculate the salary of an employee in visual basic, the system has 2 types of login; Administrator and Shared, from the beginning of the administrator session, you can register new employees, see, delete, modify, filter employee records, backup or recover the database, administer cpanel; Manage and share accounts, and view the records. While from a shared account, the user can only register a new employee, view, modify, delete, filter employee records and manage the database. This system helps the user in the management of employees, since it does not require much time. It is easy to operate and understood by users.
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By the name of this game, you probably know how to play this game. Here the user has to roll the ball through the mazes to get out of it. You can use your arrow keys to control movement. Each level of the labyrinth has more complexity than the previous one. You can hold down the «I» button to get help instructions during the game.

To run this game you will need a browser installed on your system. Download and open this project in your code editor. Then there is an index.html file that you can modify. Run that file directly from the index file. Use Google Chrome or FireFox for a better user experience. You must have Visual Studio Code or any other IDE that has an integrated live server to run this project.

This game consists of many JavaScript validations. This game is fun and even fun if you can modify it with a bit of CSS.

In general, this project uses many javascript and javascript libraries. If you can add more complex levels to this game, it will be fun to play. This game in Javascript with source code is free to download. Use only for educational purposes.

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