employee management system in java source code

employee management system in java source code

employee management system in java source code and very easy to use administration system. Here, in this system, you can manage your employee records with ease. The project comes together with a database as a backend. Since the database has already been made executable, you should only make sure that the path of your database is correctly configured in the code.

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employee management system project in java with source code free download

The whole project is from the administration side. The administrator performs all the tasks. The administrator manages all products and merchandise. This system performs all functions such as add, delete and much more. You can see the details of your products, which allows you to know the exact details of which of your products is receiving more demand. You can also generate the invoice. This whole system is similar to the point of sale system where you can take care of your products and their details.

How do I run the project

You will need the XAMP server or the WAMP server. Place the file inside «c: / wamp / www /» or «c: / xampp / htdocs /». Go to «localhost / phpmyadmin» in any browser and create a database (name according to the SQL file). In that database, import the SQL file and finally go to the URL: «http: // localhost / file_name / phpfilename» Do not forget to create a database and import an SQL file to execute.

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