document management system in php

document management system in php

document management system in php. The document management system project is developed using PHP, CSS, HTML and JavaScript.

Speaking about the project, it has all the essential characteristics required for the management of several documents. This project contains only the administrator side where you can add, edit, delete, view, search documents and manage users for the system.

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About the system source code

The administrator has full control of the system, all the main functions will be performed from the administration panel. Here, the user can view documents and add them easily. Document information, such as contract number, section, subject, document file, description, reference number, company, employee and date are included in this section. To view a document, he / she has to select a category based on contract, date, description, ref. no, and enter a contract number. There the user can also edit or delete the documents. All the details of the documents can be easily edited. Users can upload any type of document file in the system, be it PDF, text file, Docx file or image. The search result shows documents that include the contract number of the document, the reference number, the type of file, the section, the company, the employee and the date.


Modules source code

  • Access system
  • Add documents
  • List of documents
  • Edit and delete documents
  • Update labels
  • User Management

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