clinic management system php free download

clinic management system php free download

clinic management system php free download or system for medical histories of hispital, is an online application for medical appointment and programmer to obtain an appointment very easily through the internet. These easy-to-use application programs are designed in PHP with Codeigniter Framework.
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About the system source code

php patient registration management system – The hospital is the essential part of our lives, providing the best medical characteristics to people suffering from various conditions, which may be due to changes in weather conditions, increased workload, psychological problems , stress, etc.

It is necessary for hospitals to control their daily actions and the information of their patients, doctors, nurses, and keep the children and other personal announcements of the staff that maintain a medical center functioning in a pleasant and efficient manner. But the follow-up of all the actions and their information in the document is very complicated and confusing. It is also very inefficient and time consuming. It controls the continuous increase of inhabitants and the number of people who go to a medical center. Documenting and maintaining all this information is highly untrustworthy, inefficient and prone to errors.

Nor is it economically and technically possible to keep this information in the document. In this way, maintain the operation of the guide program as the basis of this project. The main objective of this project is to provide a paperless hospital up to 90%. It is also designed to offer efficient low cost computerized systems of current systems. The program also provides excellent data security at all levels of user system connections and also provides effective and efficient storage and backup functions.

System caracteristics


How do I run the project

After starting Apache and MySQL in XAMPP, follow the next steps

1st step: extract the file
2nd step: copy the main folder of the project
3rd step: paste in xampp / htdocs /

Now connecting the database

Fourth step: open a browser and go to the URL «http: // localhost / phpmyadmin /»
5th Step: Then, click on the database tab
6th step: create a database to name «libsystem» and then click on import tab
7th step: click on the scan file and select the file «libsystem.sql» that is inside the «database» folder
8th step: click on go.

After creating the database,

9th step: open a browser and go to the URL «http: // localhost / libsystem /»
For the Administration Panel
Final step: Go to the URL «http: // localhost / libsystem / admin /»
Insert the username and password that are provided within the «user.txt» file.


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