bus ticket booking project in php

bus ticket booking project in php

bus ticket reservation system source code

bus ticket booking project in php, this system of php and mysql transport is a system of passages in php or system of sale of land passages, software for sale of bus tickets, booking system of passages in php, download system of ticket sales.
File password:/contraseña de archivos:


    • Management and control of reserves
    • Register reservation
    • Validate reservation
    • Reservation reports
    • Management and control of buses
    • Register buses
    • Modify buses
    • See Buses
    • Management and control of bus departures
    • Register Bus departures
    • Modify bus departure
    • View busses output
    • Management and control of drivers
    • Register drivers
    • Modify drivers
    • See drivers
    • Management and control of entry point
    • Register entry point
    • Modify entry point
    • See entry point
  • Management and control of Users

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