billing system source code in php

billing system source code in php

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Billing system (Billing) developed in the php programming language and with the database manager mysql, for an effective and complete control of finances of your company or company, the system was not developed by us, we shared it because we thought it was a very useful tool for all those who are interested in billing systems and who are developing similar projects since they will be of great help in their work, customer-seller-billing control, then we present the final product, waiting for your comments and operation adequate, with full features and other options to explore, billing system back end / front end. Some of the main characteristics of this billing system is that it is mutli-language and applicable for the different types of currencies according to your country, among other characteristics that I describe below:
sistema billing codigo php inicio sesion
Gestión de contactos
sistema billing codigo free
Get a complete overview of your clients, including activity history, notes, total income, invoices, send direct mail, etc. Get a 360 degree view of your clients.

Advanced Reports

sistema billing codigo report
See your business more clearly with Interactive Visualization and advanced reporting. This way you can unlock ideas that help boost your business growth.
Facturación sin problemas
sistema billing codigo php facturacion
Create your invoices and be aware of your business. Everything keeps it simple. Designed to help you design the perfect invoice, track payments and get paid faster online.
Advanced email settings
sistema billing email
Send via email directly through PHP built-in email feature or set to send email via SMTP!

sistema billing codigo configuracion

sistema billing informes reportes
To run the system please carefully follow the following steps: 1) Unzip the downloaded file. 2) Import the database «billing.sql» to your mysql manager. 3) We look for the folder «sysfrm» inside the decompressed in our local or external server 4) With a text editor we open the file «config.php» and specify the data to our database.
sistema billing codigo conexion mysql
5) Open the system address in any browser. 6) As the first window will show us the login for administrator (*), in which we access the systems with the following data: User / Email: Password: 12345678

sistema billing codigo cliente
(*) An important point to keep in mind is that there are two access routes to the system: administrator and client, which by default only shows the administrator’s login. Administrator path: http: // localhost / billing-platea21 /? Ng = login / (in our case) Client Path: http: // localhost / billing-platea21 /? Ng = client / (in our case) The system was tested in wampserver in the higher versions since 2.4, without any inconvenience.

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