banking system project c#

banking system project c#

banking system project c# This ATM system project is developed using C # language. Here, at the beginning, the user must enter the PIN code number to get access, then he can verify the total balance, deposit and withdraw money easily. When depositing or withdrawing money from this system, a user is not allowed to have a transaction of more than rs.25,000 at the same time. This is just a simple project that helps users with their transactions since it does not require a lot of time. This project is easy to operate and understood by users.

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How do I run the project

Be sure to run your XAMPP to enable the database, so you can get the values ​​from the table that are inserted into the system. You do not have to create a user to use the system. Simply run the source code. In addition, create a database with the name of the SQL file provided in the database folder.

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