asp net order management system

asp net order management system – online pizza ordering project

asp net order management system is a desktop application developed using C # Language. The project is based on a concept to keep all pizza orders for the delivery of a pizza house. Speaking of the system, a user can order a pizza from the main menu by selecting the size of the pizza, the crust, the additional ingredients, the drinks and other items. Each of the selected items contains a different price. After placing orders, he / she has to check his order list and confirm his orders for payments. – online pizza ordering project

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  • Article menus
  • Order confirmations
  • Payment
  • Different payment methods

How do I run the project

Be sure to run your XAMPP to enable the database, so you can get the values ​​from the table that are inserted into the system. You do not have to create a user to use the system. Simply run the source code. In addition, create a database with the name of the SQL file provided in the database folder.

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