aircraft wa game in python source code

aircraft wa game in python source code

aircraft wa game in python source code. The project file contains resource files, Python scripts (,

The Graphics gameplay is good enough and the controls are simple for users. Speaking of the gameplay, it is a common game for everyone. All the methods of play are very simple.

All you have to do is move and destroy enemies firing bullets. Here, the user has to control the aircraft using the arrow keys up, down, left, right and the score of the game depends on the number of player deaths.

This means that the more you destroy enemies, the more points you get. The player loses each time the enemies approach the player.

A simple GUI with sound is provided for easy gameplay. The design of the game is simple and the user will not find it difficult to use and navigate.

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steps to execute it

To run the project, you must have Python installed on your PC. This is a simple GUI-based game written for beginners. Aircraft War Game in the Python project with source code is free to download. Use it for educational purposes only! For the demonstration of the project, take a look at the slider of the image below.

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